The Exchange at Atherstone

POSTED: 27th Nov

The Exchange is a Lendlease initiative co-ordinating and communicating opportunities to gain skill...

Jobs Fair: Melbourne West - 31 August 2017

POSTED: 22nd Aug

LOOKING FOR A JOB? Come along to the Melbourne West Jobs Fair on Thursday, 31 August 2017!   1...

Ravenhall Prison Staff Recruitment

POSTED: 31st Mar

Ravenhall Prison offers a range of career opportunities. Whether an experienced correctional profes...

E-assist Sessions @ Melton Library every Thursday

POSTED: 15th Jan

E-assist sessions help with Advice and assistance in job seeking, online applications and...

Job Lab @ Caroline Springs Library every Monday

POSTED: 31st Jan

Need advice on your job seeking journey? Join our Job Lab @ Caroline Springs Library Speak t...

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