Live and Work in the City of Melton

Melton Jobs Hub is a one-stop employment portal for the City of Melton. Its purpose is to link local residents with local jobs. While the City of Melton is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria and had over 10,000 local jobs created between 2011 - 2016, there are still a large number of residents who leave the municipality each day for work.

Currently, about 80% of working residents are commuting to work outside the City. This portal will help City of Melton job seekers to find employment closer to home, and provide local companies with access to local talent.

There is no cost for employers to post job vacancies on the Melton Jobs Hub, and there is no cost for the local residents to get access to jobs available in the region.

Melton Jobs Hub is provided by the Melton City Council as part of Council’s commitment to supporting the local economy and jobs market. For more information on Council’s strategic vision for the city visit:

The City of Melton Disclaimer
The City of Melton does not accept any responsibility for any employment outcomes that are secured using the Melton Jobs Hub.

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The City of Melton monitors registrations and reserves the right to delete registrations containing false or misleading information

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